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Our Services


Specification, design, documentation, testing, data acquisition, edge processing, cloud processing, and analysis platforms for industrial applications.

Factory Optimization

Data collection, monitoring, and analysis of your equipment's performance in order to reduce operational costs and increase performance efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance

Sensor outfitting, monitoring, analysis, and modeling of equipment operation.

Software Development

Specification, design, development, testing, bug fixing, and documentation of custom industrial applications.

Industrial Process

Control Systems

SCADA, DCS, or hybrid control systems used to operate or automate industrial operations.



Organized data storage, processing, and exportation systems.

Electrical Engineering

Design, development, and testing of electrical hardware including data acquisition, processing, and analysis systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Specification, design, and development of industrial mechanical systems or components.

M2M Systems

Communication systems used to exchange data between machines without human interaction.



Remote monitoring and control systems for industrial equipment and facilities.

Cloud Based


Cloud computing platforms for on-demand data access and analytics.



Leveraging our 25 years of experience our team will develop a solution that solves your problem.

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