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Rapid Product Development

From conceptualization to prototyping and production, Merlin will work with you to design and develop your product. 

Here's an example of how we did it


Example: Medical

A client contacted us that needed help developing their medical device. 

Specifying the Requirements

The purpose of the device was to perform a test that would determine protein buildup in the back of the eye. In a meeting with the client, we discussed the test procedure and what parameters needed to be measured.


Designing the System

With the requirements outlined, we designed both the hardware and software required for the embedded system.

Developing the Prototype

Once the designs were finalized, we moved forward with designing the first run of prototypes. These prototypes were used as reference systems for full-scale production.


IoT Systems

The goal of an IoT system is to produce business value for the client. This value is achieved by acting on the data collected, processed, and analyzed by these systems.  

Here's an example of how we did it


Example: Mining

We designed an equipment monitoring system for an OEM in the mining industry to determine which of their customers needed replacement parts and/or repair services.

Learning about the Customer

Each piece of equipment deployed by a customer of the OEM was monitored to track utilization.


Targeting the Right Customer

Analysis was performed on the collected data to determine equipment wear and which customers would need services the soonest.

Arming the Sales Team

This list of customers was provided to the sales team to focus their efforts on customers that currently needed spares and repair services. 


Factory Optimization

The goal of factory optimization is to reduce operational cost and increase production capacity by identifying and removing waste from the production process. 

Here's an example of how we did it


Example: Electronics Manufacturing

We designed a system for an electronics manufacturing company to track the production rate of their workforce.

Identifying the Problem

We noticed that their workforce would perform the majority of their work at the end of their shifts, causing a rise in quality loss.


Providing a Solution

We charted the factory's current output and displayed it on monitors around the facility. 

Engaging the Workforce

This constant data visibility provided the workforce with a daily mission. We immediately saw the workforce's production rate correct itself.


Predictive Maintenance

The goal of predictive maintenance is to avoid equipment downtime. This is achieved by constantly monitoring, analyzing, and modeling the equipment's performance to detect early signs of malfunction.

Here's an example of how we did it

Example: Oil & Gas

In the Oil & Gas industry, the cost of equipment downtime is extreme. We developed a predictive maintenance system for a client to avoid this problem.


Modeling the Equipment

The client's oil pumps were outfitted with high-speed vibration sensors to properly model day-to-day operation.

Detecting Equipment Failure

Through vibration analysis, we were able to detect anomalous pump operation and tie the signature to potential pump breakdown.


Alerting the Maintenance Team

When pump failure was predicted, an alert was sent out to the maintenance team so the issue could be resolved before the pump was damaged.

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