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Our Portfolio


Collaborative Robotics System

Tesla Motors - Automotive

Complete development of collaborative robotic system for applying priming liquid to automotive windows.

Nordson Logo.png

Motion Control & Dispensing System

Nordson Asymtek - Semiconductor

Complete development of high accuracy multi axis motion control and dispensing system. Including 3D generation engine, EtherCAT network, high speed data logging and business analytics.

Automated Fuel Cell Power System

Bloom Energy  - Fuel Cell

Complete automation of metal oxide fuel cell power systems. Included all electrical and control system engineering and remote SCADA monitoring and control of units deployed across continents. All monitored and controlled via the Internet from a control room in California or India.


Complete Automation of Plant 

Lompoc Wastewater District - Water Treatment

Complete automation of the entire plant including influent pumping station, oxidation system, DAFT, RAS tertiary filters, chlorination, UV, Generator and power shedding and loading. Entire system control from dual redundant SCADA system accessible from local control room and via the Internet.


Vibration Analysis System

Rexnord - Mining

Complete edge processing and real-time analytics system to predict equipment failure and avoid future downtime  by monitoring speed, temperature, vibration, and oil quality.


Macular Pigment Reflectometer 

ZeaVision - Medical

Design and development of Macular Pigment Optical Density measurements analytics platform.


Torpedo Guiding System

United States Navy - Military

Design and development of under communication technology for telemetry, locating and guiding torpedoes for destruction of enemy mine fields.


Shipboard Automation

Diamond Offshore - Oil & Gas

Complete automation of all shipboard systems including, thruster control for dynamic positioning, GPS interfacing, acoustic interfacing, engineer control, power management, ballast control, and alarming systems. All systems supplied were dual or triple redundant.


Upgraded Control System

Ramona Wastewater District - Water Treatment

Upgrade of control and telemetry system for influent pumping system, chemical monitoring and remote SCADA monitoring and control.


PEM Fuel Cell Engine Automation

Ballard Power - Fuel Cell

Complete design engineering and automation of PEM fuel cell engines for Daimler/Benz and Ford motor company. Including hydrogen control, power managements, and three phase sourcing to local power grid.


Brain-computer Interface Technology

Neurolutions - Medical

Designed embedded system to monitor the electrical signals from a patient's brain using an EEG cap. These signals were used to control a robotic arm.


Advanced Vibration Analysis

The Weir Group - Oil & Gas

Edge processing and real-time analytics system to predict equipment failure and avoid future downtime.


Wireless Telemetry Control System

Lompoc Water District - Water Treatment

City wide wireless telemetry and control system for monitoring and control of all water sources. Including well monitoring, tank monitoring, filtration control, pump control, and monitoring.


Automation System Upgrade

Global Marine Drilling - Oil & Gas

Replacement and upgrade of all automation systems including, thruster control for dynamic positioning, fault analysis systems, and alarming systems.


Onboard Electronics System

R&B Falcon - Oil & Gas

Newly built vessel, supply of all onboard electronics system including: Dynamic positioning systems, automation systems, alarm systems, communication, networking, acoustic positioning, GPS systems, and camera systems.


Kiln Control System Upgrade

Solar Turbines - Solar

Upgrade of kiln control system used for coating of high temperature components used in gas turbine engines.

General Atomics.png

Control System Upgrade

General Atomics - Fusion Reactor

Upgrade of systems used to control and monitor the RF energy source used for the plasma containment field in DIII-D fusion reactor project.


Plastic Injection MES Development

Hunter Industries - Manufacturing

Development of a manufacturing execution system (MES), the system tracked 126 plastic injection-molding machines. Data was archived and analyzed in a client/server network environment. System provides data on downtime, production, and scheduling.


Production Line MES

Sanyo Video Components - Manufacturing

Manufacturing Execution System (MES): Custom programmed to meet the specific requirements of Sanyo, including production scheduling and tracking, reject and error code tracking, barcode serial numbering, and yield reporting.


Case Scanning System

Miller Brewing Company - Food & Beverage

Filtec full case scanner systems: Electronic level control of filling, high-speed case counting and sorting, packaging, and palletizing.


Automation of Manufacturing Line

Friskies Pet Care - Food & Beverage

Total automation of a new line: Meat handling system, starkist cooker, cooker/mixer system, batch slurry, filler/steamer, five vessel retorring with automated loading system, filling, labeling, and packaging. Alvey palletizer and shrink-wrapping.


Electroporation Delivery System

Oncosec - Medical

Improved effectiveness of cancer medication administered via subcutaneous stimulation by utilizing electroporation and vibrations.


Coffee Processing Automation

Nestle Beverage Company - Food & Beverage

Automation of a new line: Raw bean blending system, fluidized bed control, flame control for bean roaster, skin separator, conveying and storage system, filling, labeling, and packaging.


Data Acquisition System

Kaiser Data Processing Center - Medical

Data acquisition system: Power monitoring, UPS power fail detection and hot stand-by system, temperature control, humidity control, data logging and archiving, report generation, and security.

Arco Logo.png

Storage Facility Automation

Arco Four Corners Pipeline - Oil & Gas

Automation of a large new bulk storage facility: Long Beach to Phoenix pipeline shipment monitoring system, Long Beach to San Diego pipeline monitoring. Arco pipeline shipment instrumentation systems, truck loading rack system, vapor recovery system, in-line blending system, and PID control of all pressure and flow valve controls.

China Emblem.png

Water Injection System Automation

Chinese Government-Nanhai Oil Company

- Oil & Gas

Automation of water injection system to increase oil production on platforms: Sea water lift pumping system, coarse and secondary filtration with three media filters, degasification, chemical and seawater injection controls, and monitoring.


Gas Compression System Automation

Southern California Gas Co. - Oil & Gas

Automation and monitoring of gas compression system: Compressor control and monitoring, H2S monitoring, tank level monitoring, and oil formation monitoring.

Nemos Bakery.jpg

Confectionary Wrapping System Automation

Ne-Mo's Bakery - Food & Beverage

Automation of cake wrapping process, using standard plastic film: Complete mechanical, electrical, and control system design.

Thermo Fisher.jpg

OpCon Control System Upgrade

Gamma-Metrics - Mining

Upgrade of the OpCon control system used for monitoring and control of a neutron bombardment scanning system used in coal and cement processes.


Water Injection System Automation

Lagoven Oil Corp. of Venezuela - Oil & Gas

Automation of water injection system: Degasification, five vessel media filtering, nine vessel cartridge filtering, pressurization and turbine injection.

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