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25+ Years of Experience in Industrial Automation & Analytics

​For over 25 years, Merlin CSI has developed industrial automation, embedded hardware, analytics, and IoT systems for remote monitoring, factory optimization, and predictive maintenance.

IoT Systems

Data acquisition, processing, analytics, control, and management solutions. These rugged systems are designed to provide constant data visibility and insight to produce business value.

Factory Optimization

Data collection, monitoring, analysis, and indexing of your equipment's performance in order to reduce operational costs and increase performance efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance

Sensor outfitting, monitoring, modeling, and analysis of your equipment's operational data. This data is constantly analyzed to detect equipment failure and provide alerts to avoid unexpected downtime.

Our Skills

We have learned a lot in our 2 decades of operation.


Take a look at some of the solutions we've developed and the industries we have worked in.


Using our experience we've created some out-of-the-box systems.